Let's Talk Color

Let's Talk Color


An aspect of our design is our desire for continued development of new colorful glazes. The process is challenging and trying at times, but the right combination of chemicals and heat produce bright, lively, rich colors that complement or decorate its surroundings. 

The use and combination of colors at times become nostalgic to a specific time or event.  Jade, Yellow-Ochre, Copper, Black and White, are paired to evoke emotions. These are fragments that have influenced our perception of color.

Finding the correct ingredients for the saturation as well as the temperature for the sheen has been a expansive dialogue. Jade represents the struggle that determined the current mission and vision for Echeri Ceramics. Jade became the end of an infancy, and eliminated singularities that eventually formed a business. 

Copper gives homage to the diverse customs and traditions of various communities within the state of Michoacán, México. Nostalgia and memories of going into artisanal markets, seeing new fabrics and textiles that flashed bright pinks, and reds, worn by local towns women and men. The bright colors complimented their skin, and the earth smelled like it had just rained. Large crowds of people buzzing, buying and selling artisanal items made of copper and wood. 


Yellow Ochre references our initial beginnings as a couple whose sole interest was to paint with yellow ochre, cadmium, and phthalo blues in surrealist portraits, and to ride bikes down the Sacramento river, unaware of the responsibilities that lied ahead of us. 

In a painting, a white wall is not white, it is the integration of colors surrounding that wall. As you introduce an object to a space, slowly and steadily it starts absorbing nearby colors. The object starts losing its absolute power and starts becoming part of the environment. As you blend and muddy up colors on your brush, these new colors help harmonize the objects in the painting in order for them to live within that environment. 

Each color represents a dialogue between the space, and the surroundings by establishing a link back to past memories or experiences.  We truly believe that color creates an emotional reaction, and we invite you to share yours.

Written by Gerardo Calderon