Who Are We?

"Their work is a love letter to their heritage, with an added bonus of being able to share it with others."- City Scout Magazine


Hi-we're Echeri Ceramics, a husband and wife duo that combine contemporary design with a traditional medium using our experiences as a an influence. Each piece is handmade on the potter's wheel made with food safe glazes in-house with intention to be part of your everyday routines for a long long time.

Note from the Aritsts

We want to create beautiful contemporary Mexican ceramics that speaks to our experiences, outlook, and lifestyle. We’re driven every day by creating a lifestyle  that is unique to us, as well as the passion behind learning and creating something that is functional and has our unique voice.  We want to create an experience that echoes our values, traditions, as well as appreciation for slow living, and quality over quantity.  



Alejandra was born to a Mexican immigrant family who have always believed in retaining their identity. Once in college she focused in becoming a high school art teacher. After obtaining her credentials her first job was teaching ceramics full time, and it was from there where she fell in love with clay and the different aspects of the ceramic making process, she has since never looked back. 


 Luis was born to and became an immigrant at a young age.  As a child his parents always emphasized in dreaming big, as well as the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve that dream. He and his brothers grew up in a structured and disciplined household to instill the importance of an education. He later went to Sacramento State University  to study Anthropology and Art