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When we started Echeri Ceramics back in 2016 we had three things in mind, high quality, durability, and timelessly beautiful wares that can be used either in a  restaurant or in the comfort of your own home. We pride ourselves for being 100% handmade, from start to finish  our pieces are handled 16-30 times a piece, from forming pieces on the potters wheel to firing them in our kilns. Through our products we want to create an experience for you, our customers, that echoes our appreciation for quality over quantity.  

Let's Introduce Ourselves


 In the studio Luis forms, fires, and ships all of our wares in house. He has spent years working to produce forms that are not only beautiful but are also comfortable and durable. Our work is made with our customers in mind and can withstand the utilization within kitchens at home and in restaurants or coffee shops.



"Glazing is something I've been exploring and testing for the past 6 years to create quality glazes that best represent us as a company.  Each glaze is made in house with a recipe that has been designed by us." 





Human Resources and studio pup







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Appointments Only. Local pickups can be arranged by appointment. Please email us to schedule a day and time!