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 We had a name change! We used to be Manjar Ceramics, now we're Echeri Ceramics 

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 Comstock Magazine

“ With pottery, it’s really time sensitive. There’s a process to it… it’s not just making a pot..." Click here to read more




Image result for 20 on the rise Honeybook Award for 20 On The Rise 

Echeri Ceramics was a 2019 winner of 20 On The Rise recognition award. It is a celebration of individuals who are making waves and raising the tide, rocking their respective industries through hard work and creativity hosted by HoneyBook. Click here to learn more



Comstock Magazine Art Exposed


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"When Alejandra Calderon narrowly escaped failing her ceramics class as a fine arts major at Sacramento State, she never imagined that seven years later she would co-own a ceramics business.."Click here to read more


Sacramento Business Journal- Manjar Ceramics Win National Honors as Ceramicists

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