An Ode To Workers-The Series

An Ode To Workers-The Series

As we sit down and talk about the uncertainties that COVID-19 has brought on, we find ourselves thinking about loved ones during this time, comparing and contrasting our childhood and how different and similar our experiences are. We wanted to leave you with this recollection by our CEO Luis and the significance of The Workers series. 

"We woke up to the sound of the pans and spoons playing in unison. Once food was scrunched up tightly under the protection of foil, my siblings and I were ready for a new adventure. 

Cozy in our trusted van,  we head to our destination. My dad and I sing the usual tunes of my favorite music, enticed by its strumming guitars, and hymns about how we are all American. While my brothers sleep, I'm too excited thinking about so many things the day will offer. 

 Sometimes we go to different citrus fields, other times its grapes fields, and during the summer we camp up north to the cherry fields where we have the luxury of swimming next to salmon. Today's adventure will take place in a field filled with olive trees.

During the day my brothers and I get to play for hours and hours with anything that we can forge as play things. We quickly dig holes in imaginary forts and defend them with branches that get transformed by our imagination, and then have to also leave them behind as our parents go from tree to tree making sure they fill boxes with fruit, the game would start all over again. After playing with no concept of time, we finally get back home. All our clothing have retained the smell of the olive trees as if being thankful we spent time with them." 


It is easier to be naive and see the world through children's eyes instead of the harsh realities of what it is to survive and do what we have to do in order to put food on the table. 

As we talk about what it is to have a small business in this time of uncertainty, we continue to share stories and revert back to our childhood memories. Things seemed ok despite the demands of adulthood requirements and responsibilities. Sometimes the silliest dream we have as children is to grow up.