Sacramento Magazine-This Cool House

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Sacramento Magazine-This Cool House


We had the pleasure to be included in Sacramento Magazine April 2022 Issue, 

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Inspired by their personal conversations, shared experiences and cultural identities, Alejandra and Luis Magaña are the creative hands behind Echeri Ceramics.

The couple collaborates with small businesses such as Camellia Coffee Roasters, Beast + Bounty and Franquette, making unique small-bites dinnerware that’s easy to wash and comfortable to use.

mug for home

“I’m really fortunate that we’ve been able to do so many collaborations with small businesses and restaurants,” Alejandra says. “The community always surprises me. There’s something really nice about how artistic Sacramento is. It’s very supporting and very embracing.”

Luis Magaña

Besides producing a variety of ceramics for the hospitality industry, Alejandra and Luis make pieces that are both useful and adorable, like their double-handled Muñecas mugs with hand-painted doll faces. “You could actually use this thing to start off your day,” Luis says. “I think that’s the best way to use our stuff. Allow it to be part of your daily ritual.”