A Plate Not Just Limited to Cake: Introducing The 7.5" Cake Plate

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A Plate Not Just Limited to Cake: Introducing The 7.5" Cake Plate




We test out all of our products, meaning our cabinets are stored with wonky size plates, bowls, and mugs that either made it to production, or just stayed on our homes shelves only as an idea that once was. Creating a cohesive dinnerware set had been in the making for a while now, years even. Our 9” side plate and our Everything bowl had made it to production, but we got to questioning what makes a cohesive dinnerware set? What sizes? Will it be able to live in the same space as it's counterparts? Well, the answers are relative, but for us, we believe that good design is quiet, spunky, yet sturdy. 


Our goal is to produce functional yet beautiful dinnerware where the form is just as important as the function.  The design behind our dinnerware may seem simple, but as designers and food enthusiasts-who spend plenty of time talking around the table, dinnerware is something that seems unconsciously important for us. From how they stack on your shelf, to how comfortable they feel in your hand when you grip them, dinnerware should feel like a silent statement. An example of quiet design is our plates are made with a beveled soft edge which makes it easier to grip, or lift off from the table. While the speckled clay reminds us of our shared fascination of concrete and buildings. 


Our dinnerware sizes have first started with comfort meets occasion, in this case  during snack time. Whenever we as a couple have free time we enjoy sharing different desserts while drinking coffee. Dinner plates, for these kinds of occasions, seem a bit too big and clumsy for the occasion while saucers seem a bit too small to enjoy a pastry. We therefore began our search for a plate that would be in-between a dinner plate and a saucer. Half an inch might not seem much but for our comfort it seemed enough to be aware of its length. Our plate ended up being 7.5" because for us that half an inch seems to be great for comfort and occasion.  

So why reach for a 9” plate over a 7.5” plate? 

A 7.5” cake plate isn’t just for cake, it’s great for small portions, midday snacks, desserts, canapés, keep it at work for those staff potlucks.  So now we’re passing the plate over to you, how will you use this small morsel plate? It’ll be available in our four core colors  on our webshop update June 26th 4pm PST.